Javascripts for the Firefox Greasemonkey extension

This page contains various Javascripts I've written for the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. If that last sentence makes no sense to you whatsoever, here's an overview:

This page serves as an internet-accessible repository for the javascripts I've written for my own personal use. You're welcome to use them at your own risk. Bear in mind that I know just enough Javascript to be dangerous. The scripts are built by cut-n-pasting from other scripts whose workings I don't completely understand. Once I get them working on my machine, for the one or two webpages in question, development ends. Be sure to check out for better-written, more fully tested scripts.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and should be sent to smspam @ comcast dot net with "javascript" in the subject line.

My scripts:

This script filters out font colors, styles, bolding, and size changes in user posts on punBB and vb bulletin boards. In other words, it removes all the custom formatting so that post text looks consistent. It was tested on MR2 Owner's Club board and the BF2S Battlefield 2 messageboard. It's set up to run on all sites by default. Presumably the punBB and vb board functionality could be broken out into separate scripts.

eBay de feature
Hides (removes) the extra "featured items" listing at the top of the eBay page. I found I was seeing many items twice when browsing search results. Sometimes half a page or more would be repeated. With this script you just see 'em once.

eBay un-hilight
Removes the purple borders and backgrounds from ebay listings. These appear when the seller opts for the "highlight" option; I found them distracting when browsing. The only bug (other than being slow-ish) is that it occasionally results in removing the gray-white odd-even separation backgrounds. Not a huge issue, but I'm looking for ways to fix that.