Photos from the 25th Marine Corps Marathon

...aka "The people's marathon," held October 22nd, 2000

Start of the marathon [Canon AE-1]

Start of the race, right near the Arlington Cemetery Metro stop.

Mile sixteen re-fueling [Canon AE-1]

Laura runs out to meet Becky & Rick at mile 16 or so, delivering much needed water and fig newtons.

He's not even trying anymore [Canon AE-1]

See if you can find Becky in this picture.

oooohh... deep. [Canon AE-1]

Random blurry photo of random guy I took by accident. Thanks to photshop, I can make it look artistic and almost intentional.

Runners at the mile 21 mark [Canon AE-1]

Rick, Jen, and Becky around mile 21 or so. Note the old guy in the background keepin' pace.

On to the finish [Canon AE-1]

On to the finish, a mere four miles away.